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Runescape dev builds 'World 666' to celebrate decade-old glitch massacre

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Runescape dev builds 'World 666' to celebrate decade-old glitch massacre
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Nowadays Runescape developer Jagex added a new planet Buy Runescape Gold to Runescape Old School, World 666, as being a tongue-in-cheek celebration of your infamous glitch that will caused several members to go on an in-game player-killing spree a decade ago.

It's a good example of how a designer might create in-game ui events and places that celebrate it is community of competitors, even if the players under consideration are mostly remembered to look at advantage of a glitch that let them destroy other players on supposedly "safe" specific zones where PvP overcome was forbidden.

At times known as the 6/6/6 glitch since it took place between June 6-7 of 2006, the particular "Falador Massacre" observed players who had been placing combat arenas in a very very player-owned house event booted out of the house from the server -- although retaining the ability to employ other players for combat anywhere in the world.

Several players took good thing about this bug to visit in-game cities just like Falador and carry on player-killing sprees, which usually eventually led to Runescape mods stepping in fix the blemish and ban a number of the players.

Ten years afterwards, those Runescape Old-school players participating in Planet 666 were teleported to a special event in Falador to remember the 6/6/6 glitch. Runescape Old School, of course , being the legacy of music version of Runescape that Jagex have been running on numerous servers since 2013.