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lingerie suppliers china

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lingerie suppliers china
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I felt chinese lingerie wholesale like a confident, feminine grown-up. A proper adult with a job and, more importantly, gorgeous matching underwear that I'd actually be excited to show off.

I put on one of my 'take me seriously, but I'm still lingerie suppliers china young and cool' dresses and went in for a big meeting about branding and advertising with one of my editors and some members of the marketing team.

They're fancy Corset Manufacturer China types who wear leather jackets and shift dresses, so it was a touch intimidating.

In these kind of scenarios I tend to sit back and let other people do the talking, sending over any queries in an email after-the-fact, mostly because I'm scared my ideas will sound stupid.

But that 'hey, I'm a grown-up' vibe I got from my lingerie carried through to that meeting. I actually spoke up. I wasn't worried about not being taken seriously or that people wouldn't listen. I didn't feel incredibly uncool next to the fancy marketing types - instead I felt cool, calm, confident. It was pretty awesome.