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End up being brave and adopt legacy servers, claims Runescape designer

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End up being brave and adopt legacy servers, claims Runescape designer
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Just over a week ago Blizzard leapt into action to shut down one of the biggest privately owned World of Warcraft servers, Nostalrius, by threatening for taking the team behind the item to court above copyright infringement.

Facing a legal battle, these running Nostalrius immediately shut down the web server, and bid their particular passion project any fond, if bittersweet, farewell.

At a glance, it could seem like a non-story. After all, Nostalrius online players weren't paying to experience Blizzard's subscription motivated game, and the crew running the host were, legally communicating, in the wrong.

Nostalrius, however , wasn't your current run-of-the-mill private server. It absolutely was a server jogging "vanilla" World of Warcraft; a version of the game not affected by the changes Air has rolled out given that WoW launched in year 2004.

In many ways Nostalrius must have been a time capsule, the best way for over 150, 000 players to review the world they fell in love with all those in years past. That's why, for some, Blizzard's refusal to listen to a hundred and fifty, 000 of their enthusiasts and heed the particular petition asking them to rethink business policy relating to you are not selected legacy servers, was the wrong decision.

When such person is definitely Runescape designer Indicate Ogilvie, who, inside a recent interview having Polygon, explained the fact that developers shouldn't often be so keen to be able to erase the past.

"A lot of companies need to look forward, not labor the past, " claimed Ogilvie, referring to Blizzard's battle against Nostalrius. "[But] we know a lot of game enthusiasts take a big, very long break from MMOs.

"Then they get back to their game which will they've invested 1000s of hours into, they will log in and they do not understand what's going on. They're going to end up being alienated by it. inches

Much like World of Warcraft, Jagex's own MMO, Runescape, has changed a lot over time. Yet, unlike Blizzard, the UK studio can be actively helping players preserve their best version of the activity.

"It's intelligent to perform older versions of the online games because if [players] don't prefer to relearn, if they merely want a comfort quilt, they have a version right away, " continued Ogilvie.

"I don't think will be certainly anything wrong with normal folks saying, 'I would like to play this gameplay from back in the day, ' [and] companies should be fearless enough to say that [they] think this is well worth trying. "

Many other Runescape developer Cushion Kemp agreed by using Ogilvie's sentiment, despite the fact that, admittedly, he had taken a more pointed posture.

"If we keep your players happy, once we make money, " reported Kemp. "That helps to keep my bosses satisfied. "