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Phil Mansell named COO and acting TOP DOG of Runescape dev, Jagex   

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Phil Mansell named COO and acting TOP DOG of Runescape dev, Jagex   
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Runescape programmer Jagex has called Phil Mansell becasue it is new COO as well as acting CEO adopting the departure of extra ordinary CEO, Rod Cousens.

Mansell previously offered as the company's VP of studios, managing Jagex's Runescape collection and helping to increase the game's player consider recent years.

Before becoming a member of Jagex in 2011, Mansell held a variety of style roles at business heavyweights including Volvo, EA, and Gameloft.

"Off the back associated with record financial overall performance, Jagex is in a remarkably fortunate and good position, " stated the new COO.

"We have become stronger along with every year that goes by and now that we are usa with our parent organization, Zhongji Holding. It really is both an recognize and a privilege to become take Jagex to be able to its next phase. "

Zhongji Keeping is a new publicly-listed Chinese games company that was formed through the group of investors which purchased the Runescape creator in This summer 2016.

The company by itself was born on Sept 28, 2016, with regards to was successfully on the Chinese stock market.

Zhongji has promised for you to funnel "significant resources" into Jagex in order to increase its existence in the global video games sector.