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EA Says They are "Bullish" on Nintendo Switch, Exploring More Potential Games

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EA Says They are "Bullish" on Nintendo Switch, Exploring More Potential Games
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In a financial earnings call today, EA told investors that the company remains "bullish" on the Nintendo Switch and are exploring what other buy fifa 18 coins EA titles could work on Nintendo's new mobile and home console hybrid.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson was asked on an earnings call today what EA's current plans are for the Nintendo Change, which quickly has become one of Nintendo's most successful console systems. In response, EA explained that the company was committed to Nintendo's new console.

While this contradicts an earlier report claiming EA is cautious on the Switch, the console's rapid success could easily explain the change of narrative from the video game company.

Although APP didn't elaborate on any specific Nintendo projects, the company brought up FIFA 18, one of the company's most successful sports franchises, as proof of their support for the system. In addition , they revealed that their monetary forecasts omitted Swap titles, referring to them as "bonuses", so the company's plans for your console are even more shrouded in mystery.

EA is one of the several major video game companies Nintendo announced would be supporting the Switch on launch. So far however , FIFA 18 is the company's only announced title. And a single video game does feel a little underwhelming from one of the biggest computer game companies in the industry.

The Nintendo Switch has quickly become one of Nintendo's most successful consoles, combining the convenience of a mobile handheld, with the power to deliver a home console experience. As demand for the console continues to climb, developers will no doubt begin seeing the Move as a viable platform, especially in comparison to Nintendo's previous system, the Wii U.

With the Nintendo Transition as it is now, it's hard to see a triple-A console or PC experience like Mass Effect: Andromeda functioning on the Switch, especially with the even more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio looming. However , it can hard to argue against the Switch's success as a viable alternative in the gaming hardware space.