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In order for his opponents to get brainwashed

ccosplayA, pada 18 Mei 2021, 8.17
di Blog

This wouldn't be the first time that Izuku has been brainwashed, but it's clear that Shinso is far more powerful than he once was during the Sports Festival.Paired with Class 1-A in the first training exercise, the biggest technique that Shinso has trained to do is mimic the voices of anyone around him using his "Persona Chords", which is a combination of his own Quirk and the technology that he wears over his mouth.
In order for his opponents to get brainwashed, they must reply to any statement that he makes, and thus, Shinso can more easily target them if he mimics his voice to sound more like the friends of those in his sights.The manga closed with Mikasa living on her own following the death of Eren. She was forced to kill her childhood friend after he was unable to stray from his genocidal course. After killing about 80% of humanity, Mikasa managed to end the Eldian Curse by killing Eren, and she lives alone with his memory.


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