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How to get the favorite Animal Crossing villagers in ‚ÄčAnimal Crossing

Sellen, pada 14 Agu 2021, 10.10
di Blog

There are currently 397 villagers available for players to choose from in New Horizons. Each villager has a different charm and personality, making fans want to invite them to settle on their island. These villagers are randomly discovered by the player during the mission.

The best way to find a new villager is to redeem a Nook Miles ticket and then fly to an island randomly, you will have the chance to meet a small animal villager, if you find it cute and interesting, you can invite it to settle on your island. If your mileage is not enough to redeem Nook Miles Tickets, then you can get them from ACItems.

In New Horizons, the player's island can only accommodate 10 villagers to the maximum. Some villagers do not plan to settle permanently, and occasionally have their ideas to leave. Players can also take this opportunity to let annoying villagers leave.

To avoid cumbersome screening, don't rush to invite other villagers after your villagers leave. ACItems provides players with hundreds of Animal Crossing Villagers. Players can choose the villagers they need under the villager option, which requires millions of Bells.

Since Raymond and Judy were introduced in New Horizons, they have been very popular with fans because of their cute beauty and hard to get. The addition of new villagers can not only unlock the new gameplay of Animal Crossing but also change the dynamics of the town. Come and choose your favorite villagers to settle on the island.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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