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An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Made Sumo Ring

Sellen, pada 16 Agu 2021, 10.41
di Blog

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Made Sumo Ring

On the Animal Crossing subreddit, an Animal Crossing player shared that he built a sumo wrestling ring on the island where he can fight with his friends. Buy Animal Crossing Bells can help you win quickly. The wrestling ring is lined with pitfall seeds just to increase the pressure to stay on the ring.

This player used a lot of traditional Japanese-themed items in the game to make a convincing "dohyo", and even used custom designs to make a real sumo costume, as you might have guessed, this is just a loincloth. Not only that, but the wrestling ground cleverly placed cushions around it for others to watch the match up close.

However, the owners of the island can't fully believe that, as they explained in the comments on the Reddit post, they also received the help of the official Japan Sumo Association, which initially shared the in-game settings on their Twitter account. Nothing is more formal than this.

Players surpass themselves to create themed areas it’s not the first time we have seen, or sometimes their islands are completely centered on a specific theme. We have also seen one player's island used to recreate the Animal Crossing movie before, and another inspired by the work of horror comic artist Junji Ito, which has some very creepy optical illusions.

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