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September Update Details In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Sellen, pada 27 Agu 2021, 9.36
di Blog

September is coming soon, which means that users of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will see a lot of changes across the island. So, buy Animal Crossing Bells can help you to enjoy the game better. This includes seasonal changes, new events, new DIY recipes, and more. Many newcomers are happy to see the new island changes in their respective regions. Here are the changes that players in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere will notice in September.

Landscape change

Throughout September, we will see a lot of changes taking place across the island. Players in the northern hemisphere will finally see the arrival of autumn. They can already see that the grass on the entire island has turned pale green. Autumn is one of the best seasons users encounter in New Horizons.

For the southern hemisphere, spring may have arrived, and the grass should have turned into a faded and moldy color. However, the grass will become normal green color at the end of the month.

In summary, players in the southern and northern hemispheres will see different scenery in September. Players who have not yet started the game rush to take action to feel the fun of the scenery in their respective regions. If you don't have enough Bells, you can go directly to the ACItems to buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, and also provide you with Animal Crossing Items to decorate the island.

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