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Some new handheld items added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Sellen, pada 31 Agu 2021, 9.42
di Blog

Some handheld foods items were finally added in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.11.0. Players can also consume them, this feature was previously limited to other NPCs on the island. Here are some new handheld items that Nintendo has added to the game.

Holdable lantern
Unfortunately, players will need to wait longer to search for the above items, since they will come in November. ACItems provides Cheap Animal Crossing Items for all players, which you can buy now.

The lantern has a cute duck design and is part of the Lantern Festival. However, the lantern has no real practical use. Nevertheless, similar to most other items in the game, this item can also be customized.

Weird snack basket
This item will be provided during Halloween. Unsurprisingly, players must look for a recipe to make it. However, it is certain that customers of Animal Crossing will be able to obtain DIY recipes from other villagers throughout October.

Similar to a few other Halloween craftable items, this one also requires orange pumpkins and candies. Interestingly, the item is not time-locked, which means that the player can obtain it before others through time travel.

Glow stick
This item is data mined in the latest update, but it is not yet available. But you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells at any time on the ACItems. More importantly, there is not much information about glow sticks.

Players usually get a light stick during the New Year, which has the color of the staple food. However, the leak indicates that new glow sticks in multiple colors will be added in subsequent updates.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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