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Animal Crossing: New Horizons online exhibition opens as player diaries

Sellen, pada 13 Sep. 2021, 9.52
di Blog

As early as December last year, the National Video Game Museum in the United Kingdom announced their latest project: to record and archive the first year of the global pandemic through the lens of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nine months later, the exhibition is ready, very gorgeous, with Animal Crossing style art, player stories, and a lot of images, which can be used as a window to learn about other people's play. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells with your friend to enjoy the exhibition.

You can find the main part of the exhibition on the Animal Crossing Diary website-is the stories, and they range from exploring fashion in pixels, creating games in games, and there are even players representing their cultural heritage on their desert islands.

This is a moving tribute to the game that dominated the first few months of the blockade, and it has become a cultural and historical moment of its own.

These stories are divided into five themes: keeping a routine, creating space, representing yourself, sharing creativity, and keeping in touch, at least one of which may be related to yourself.

There is also a timeline of events in the Animal Crossing game, the oral history of the game, and its production background-all in all, and is a very useful exhibition. It's like going to a museum in real life, except there is no gift shop.

Are you satisfied with this type of exhibition? ACItems will promptly push you more background information about the exhibition. Also, you can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells on it.

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