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Jelengah Beach – Jereweh, West Sumbawa

Jia, pada 10 Jan. 2013, 5.59
di Blog

We went to Jereweh, West Sumbawa on Dec 23rd 2012 with friends due to my 11 days trip to West Sumbawa & Lombok. It was my ummm 3 times to be there but second time went to Jelengah Beach. Really wanted to do camping there but then we stay in friend’s house.

I always like this beach since the first time I went there. After drove for umm 1.5 or 2 hours from Seteluk, we arrived and immediately took sooo many pics.

I like the green clear water with the white sand there. It is a great place for surfing too. But no one surf at that time we went there. Just so many people bring their own food and no one offered us -_-.

We just stayed there for maybe 2 hours?or less ‘cause it started raining. But Jelengah is one of my favorite beaches ever.

If any friends will go there, please take me with you!!!!

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Equator_Indonesia Sr.
pd. 29 April 2013, 13.01

wow,.. amazing beach with awesome view,.. ahh yah i must be there some day,

Please give me any information for the beach Jelengah - Maluk?

It wouldbe great :)

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Only iqiq
Only iqiq
Only iqiq Sr.
pd. 3 April 2013, 18.49

You're lucky girl
I live near jereweh, i live at sekongkang. And i never go there
Thanks for your information, i'll go there soon
there're beautifull beach in maluk-sekongkang. Have you there?
If no, you should go sekongkang and maluk beach, wonderfull


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