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Mantar (Traditional Village) - West Sumbawa

Jia, pada 10 Jan. 2013, 6.15
di Blog

On my 11 days trip to West Sumbawa-Lombok, the first place I visited was Mantar Village. It is located on the top of the mountain in Seteluk , West Sumbawa.

We arrived in my sista’s place and then continue to Mantar, we took ranger that we should pay Rp. 15.000/person for one way. It was about 15 people on ranger.Was kinda nervous hohoho…. It took about 30 or 45 minutes to reach that place. Road was umm yeaaa not really good, but worth it to try hohoho. Ah and I went there with my sista, some foreign friends from Finland and Italy also my co-workers. It was ummmmm….10 of us?yea!

In mantar, we stayed in our friend’s house. A comfortable traditional house, and people there were sooo friendly, religious, and wherever I went, always got their smile. And they wear sarong all the time even the local kids and it was amazing.

Then we walked around and saw great view everywhere. Was so cold there (of course) and the evening it was so misty.

Their traditional lifestyle is so cool. Keep their tradition and cultures.

I really wanna go there again

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