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Indie Open Trip Sawai + Ora Beach, Maluku (The Cheapest)

WOYO, pada 7 Mei 2017, 3.31
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Start: 21 Juli 2017, 17.00

A small peaceful fishing village in the northern part of Seram Island, Mollucas awaits the adventurer to pursue it. Its location away from the big city like Ambon makes the trip to the village a bit complicated, yet the feeling of calm and away from the frenetic make this village the best option for you to "disappear", plus the combination of a high cliffs meets the blue sea with no waves is something you can't find in another place.
Packages 5D4N
for 6 people: 2.500.000/person
for 5 people: 2.700.000/person
for 4 people: 3.000.000/person
for 3 people: 3.300.000/person
for 2 people: 3.800.000/person
Package Included
+ Transportation from Ambon Airport to Sawai (Round Trip)
+ Accomodation in Sawai (3Nights) and Ambon (1Night)
+ 2 Days tour from sky to the sea
+ Meal and afternoon snack in Sawai
Day 1
Landed at Pattimura Airport, Ambon
Pattimura Airport - Tulehu Port (Car)
Tulehu Port - Amahai Port (Speed Boat, Economy Class)
Amahai Port - Saka Village Pier (Car)
Saka Village Pier - Lisar Bahari Sawai (Small Boat)
Day 2
Trekking and climb to the hills at the back of the village
Day 3
One day boat trip to several destination, such as
• Salawai River Exploring (See the process of making local sago)
• Take a coconut from the trees (Abandoned house in the water)
• Fresh Fish BBQ at Sapalewa Island
• Hatupia Cliff
• Underwater Cave
• Air Belanda
• Ora Beach
Day 4
Lisar Bahari Sawai - Saka Village Pier (Small Boat)
Saka Village Pier - Amahai Port (Car)
Amahai Port - Tulehu Port (Speed Boat, Economy Class)
Tulehu Port - Natsepa Beach - Stori Hotel (Car)
Day 5
Stori Hotel - Pattimura Airport
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This trip is independent trip (not a tour), so it is cheaper than the others because we are your travel consultant, not your guide. You can feel freedom and relax during the trip and don't have to worry about overpricing on the site because we arrange all you need before you go and most of your money for local people you meet during this trip.
We are open for your question about this trip, because our background is a independent traveler, so we know what you need!
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