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indonesianexplorer, pada 26 Nov. 2020, 13.51
di Blog

Another tourist attraction in Probolinggo that has been reopened is Gili Ketapang Island. Gili ketapang is a tourist spot that offers natural beauty under the sea and beaches. It is located in the Madura Strait about 8 km off the north coast of Probolinggo City. The area of Gili Ketapang Island is approximately 68 ha. Most of the people there work as fishermen and some of them are running a restaurant for tourist. They are also very friendly and very helpful.
The underwater world of Gili Ketapang Island is still very beautiful, because of it is natural ecosystems are well preserved. This is why it become attraction for tourists. The must try activity while being on Gili Ketapang Island is snorkeling, because there are so many type of fish that you can see clearly under the sea. One of them is Nemo. Which it was once well known and used as the title of a famous film. Besides the underwater beauty, there is another attraction on Gili Ketapang island, namely the beauty of the white sand around the beach. The cleanliness and the environment on Gili Ketapang is also very well maintained, so when visiting there you also have to keep the environment clean.

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