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standing computer desk

desk2, pada 28 Des. 2022, 16.06
di Galeri

Start: 28 Des. 2022, 17.06

This is actually my 2nd FEZIBO standing gaming desk , you can see a portion of my first one in the picture. I originally opted for the L-shape since I felt it would be more comfortable and would have more space while working from home with several monitors. After receiving this one, I realized how wrong I was. This desk has a ton of space, enough to fit monitors in the back, a laptop in front of those monitors, and even notebooks or books lined up toward you. I will most likely be purchasing additional monitors to use this desk for personal space and leaving the other standing computer desk work-related.
The pencil tray is very sturdy, assuming common sense is used to not overload it with something it wasn't meant for. We will definitely be looking out for more FEZIBO products in the future.


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