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standing gaming desk

desk2, pada 12 Sep. 2023, 17.12
di Blog

Start: 12 Sep. 2023, 18.11

This has been the perfect addition to my WFH office. The standing desk with drawers looks great, minimal design. It was simple and easy to put together. I did it by myself with the tools provided and it took maybe 30 minutes. Programming the preferred heights was simple as well. I bought the stand and monitor adjustable arm that has created more space for other items I need and allowed for a greater amount of customization between standing and sitting.
I had no idea what to expect when I ordered this standing gaming desk I just needed an affordable adjustable desk and went for one that had good reviews. It is heavy duty! It doesn't move much when I type on my computer and its comfortable to sit or stand at. The motor to adjust the height is so quiet, and the adjustment is smooth. I really like the ability to create 4 pre-set height settings. Also a note on the packaging and assemble instructions. Each set of standing computer desk individually packaged in order of when in the assembly you need it AND clearly labeled. It was so easy to assemble and I did it by myself in an hour. No curses or tears required, which is unusual for me! Definitely recommend


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