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ayaa, pada 10 Sep. 2014, 10.55
di Cari teman jalan

Start: 2 Okt. 2014, 17.00

Pahawang Islands (including Kelagian, Tanjung Putus and Tegal island) are situated in southern part of Lampung, near the Capital Bandar Lampung, so it is easy to reach. A Pahawang bernawa exsptik Island is located in District Highways Punduh, Pesawaran District, Lampung Province, Indonesia deserve to be the option for you to tourist destinations.
The island is already fulfilling some of the requirements as a tourist attraction, Beautiful natures good beaches, under the sea and mountainous nature of the island is very supportive as a tourist destination.
Friday October 3th 2014
20.00 - 21.00 : Meeting point in Slipi Jaya Mall
21.00 - 24.00 : Jakarta- Merak
Saturday October 4th 2014
00.00-00.30 : Get tickets ferry boat
00.30-04.00 : Sea journey by ferry boat from Merak harbor to Bakauheni harbor (Lampung)
04.00-07.00 : Land journey Bakauheni Port - Ketapang Harbor (morning Pray for Moslem in the middle of journey)
07.00-08.00 : Have a breakfast ime
08.00-09.00 : Sea journey by traditional boat to Kelagian Besar Island
09.00-10.00 : Check in homestay & preparing snorkeling time
10.00-12.00 : Sea journey Kelagian Besar Island – Tanjung Putus
12.00-16.00 : Snorkeling Time in Tanjung Putus-Pahawang Island (FREE LUNCH)
16.00-16.40 : Hoping Island in Kelagian Kecil Island
16.45-17.15 : Back to Kelagian Besar Island
17.15-18.00 : Sun Set time and Photo hunting
18.00-19.30 : Take a rest, and taking a bath
19.30-20.30 : Dinner time (FREE DINNER)
20.30-22.30 : Friendship Night
22.30-04.30 : Sweet Dreams
Sunday October 5th 2014
04.30-05.00 : Wake up time
05.00-07.00 : Sun Rise Time & Photo session
07.00-08.00 : Take a bath, Breakfast time and Preparing for snorkeling part 2 (FREE BREAKFAST)
08.00-09.00 : Sea journey by traditional boat to Gosong Island
09.00-10.30 : Snorkling & Exploring Gosong Island, Tegalan Island, Mahitem Beach
10.30-11.30 : Back to homestay
11.30-12.30 : Packing, take a bath, and preparing going home
12.30-13.15 : Sea Journey to Ketapang harbor
13.15-14.00 : Lunch time (FREE LUNCH)
14.00-17.00 : Ketapang Harbor-Bakauheni Port
17.00-18.00 : Preparing to enter ferry
18.00-21.00 : Sea journey by ferry boat from Bakauheni harbor to Merak harbor
21.00-24.00 : Merak-Jakarta
TRIP PACKAGE: Rp.620.000/pax
-Ticket ferry round trip from Merak harbor to Bakauheni harbor
-Transportation AC Car ELF RECLINING SEAT Start Jakarta
-Eat 4x (Lunch in Saturday, Dinner in Saturday, Breakfast in Sunday, and Lunch in Sunday)
-Traditional Homestay (share room 1 room for 7 people)
-Life vest
-Tip Guide
-Local Guide
-Documentation Upwater along the trip
-Driver Tip
-First Aid Kit
-Transportation from home to meeting point
-Snorkel gear
- Upgrade Class in ferry boat
- Hat
- Sunblock SPF 50 for face, and SPF 30 for body
- Personal drugs
- Snack
- Shoes or sandals
- Bikini
- Clothes for 2 day 1 night
- Make up kit and bath equipments
- Sun glasses
- Swim suite or wet suite (if you have)
2) FIRST DP (DOWN PAYMENT) FIRST SEAT. The quickest DP, the main list of participant (If before the end of DP time the quota reaches to maximum, automatically registration is closed).
3) Down Payment is half of trip package (50%). IDR 310.000/pax
4) Please send your down payment in 2 weeks before event to :
• BANK BNI Account Name SHINTA ISMAYA 0254180764.Or
• BAN BCA Account Name SHINTA ISMAYA 2101352767
5) If you are booking for group please calculate the down payment with sum of people in your group.
6) The rest of the trip cost of repayment IDR 310.000/pax no later than one week before event.
7) Trip will not be held if you are not paying full payment.
8) Evidence of transfer should be submitted via:
Email : ideatrip [dot] id [at] gmail [dot] com
WhatsApp : 087770568877
BBM 292F0F2F
9) Please complete your data after pay down payment and email it to ideatrip [dot] id [at] gmail [dot] com. Here you should fill :
• Full Name
• Gender
• Age
• Cell Phone/HP
• Emergency Contact
• Address
• Email
• Trip Name and Date of The Trip
• BANK Transfer
• Rent Snorkel or Not (Optional just for beach trip which include snorkeling and snorkeling gears out of trip package. Please let us your foot size for flippers if you are rent)
10) Returns DP after settlement:
• 100% full refunds if participants asked other substitutes.
• CANCEL H-6 (six days before event) returned 50%.
• CANCEL H-3 (three days before event) returned 25%.
• CANCEL H-2, H-1 and Last Minute before event NOT RETURNED.
11) If the minimum quota doesn’t enough :
- The trip still will be going on but with rearrangement budget as totally participant who come in and agreements between participant and IDEA Trip Indonesia.
- Trip will be reschedule until minimum participant enough. (Participant follow next trip schedule based on Open Trip Schedule)
- Trip is canceled and down payment or all redemption fees will be returned 100% in the event of cancellation by IDEA Trip Indonesia.
12) IDEA Trip Indonesia assumes when participant is paying down payment or full payment that agree and understand clearly all details in this agreements and force majure.
Aya 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email : ideatrip [dot] id [at] gmail [dot] com
FB Fan Pages :

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 9 Okt. 2014, 8.23

Good Morning ideaholic...
Have a good day :)

Again and again we have still seats for this trip. Lets join :)

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 8 Okt. 2014, 16.52

Selamat sore,

sudah saatnya pulang ideaholic. Yang capek, yang penat kena macet...
Saatnya liburan.

Yuk gabung :)

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 8 Okt. 2014, 12.08

Good afternoon ideaholic..
It is time to delicious lunch, right ?
Don't forget for checking our facebook fan page just like and choose the best one vacation that you want to take in

Follow our twitter @IDEAtrip_ID for traveling trips :victory:

Email us at for making reservation and detail tipb information :aselole:

Call us for fast response : :hore:
BBM 292F0F2F

And see out porto folio at :sayhi:

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 8 Okt. 2014, 9.09

Selamat pagi ideaholic,

Semangat menjalani harimu, semoga harimu secerah rencana trip kalian. Masih bingung mau kemana padahal mau weekend. Yuk ikutan trip bareng kita aja.

Masih ada seat buat trip ini :victory:

Silahkan hubungi :
Phone 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email :

:hore: :keren: :jempol:

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 6 Okt. 2014, 17.00

Selamat sore ideaholic...

Menjelang jam pulang kantor, penat mau liburan yuksss...
Cek fan page kita

Seat sudah mulai menipis :)

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 6 Okt. 2014, 12.17

Selamat makan siang teman-teman :)

Bingung mau kemana, yuk check jadwal trip kita di

Kita akan mengenalkan teman-teman pada konsep suistinable tourism. Apa itu? penasaran follow our trip. :bingung:

Informasi dan pertanyaan silahkan hubungi :
Phone 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
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:malu: :victory:

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 3 Okt. 2014, 14.38

we are not offer you trip, but friendship, knowledge, and suistinable tourism.

Feel traveling like family and homey :nyimak:

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 3 Okt. 2014, 11.27

Selamat siang ideaholic, sudah dipenghujung weekend...
Yuk buruan di booked.. Seats kita sudah mulai menipis lo...

Langsung aja kontak :
Phone 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email :

Jangan sampai kehabisan yaaa :victory: :victory:

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 2 Okt. 2014, 16.09

Selamat sore temen-temen...

masih ada seat untuk trip ini...
Yuks buruan daftar dan hubungi kami di :
Phone 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email :

:hore: :nyimak: :dugem:

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 30 Sep. 2014, 17.24

Selamat sore...

Sudah pulang kerja ideaholic dan kejebak macet dijalan, yuk daripada stress mendingan mikirin liburan mau kemana.

Bisa cek event kita di

Kita gak cuma nawarin liburan ke tempat yang eksotis, tapi suistinalbe tourism. Disini kita bakal belajar menghargai keseimbangan alam dan menciptakan pariwisata berkelanjutan dengan program ramah lingkungan. :nyimak:

Penasaran seperti apa? Silahkan hubungi kami di :
Phone 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email :

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