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Entrepreneurs - Backpackers Gathering

kripik3890, pada 29 Okt. 2012, 6.01
di Cari teman jalan

Start: 5 Nov. 2012, 7.01

Hello to all the backpackers in Surabaya.. All of you who's join in this forum must be addicted with backpacking or travelling.. Do u like to memorize all of your journeys by pictures or even videos? But not a lot of people see or watch your fascinated masterpieces because you are not doing well with promoting all of your pics & videos?
Not only your pictures or videos, you can also promote your own website or even your products.. Or inviting people to come into your gathering or party with the interesting ways..
Relax, i have a solution for all of you.. You will get so much easy ways to promote your pictures, videos, websites or even your products.. And the good news is instead you are able to promote your pictures, websites or even your products.. You are able to earn money easily.. Wanna know more better? Just join with me!
And PM me if you are really SERIOUS!

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deenaa Sr.
pd. 30 Okt. 2012, 16.03

free of charge ga nih?

anyway, at this chance u make an event or what? if this is an event, u just accomodate us to a gathering event at any place, so there we can promote whatsoever we have to all of participants? more specific pls...

pake bahasa aja dong.. :D

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8rothers Sr.
pd. 30 Okt. 2012, 13.40

:ngakak: wkwkwk
ane terjemahn (:pake gugeltranslet) byr yah

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isan Jr.
pd. 29 Okt. 2012, 19.34

bahasa indonesia donk.. maklum ane blm makan roti nh.. hehehehhehe :victory:

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arjulio Sr.
pd. 29 Okt. 2012, 15.28

sure thing !
how the procedure ?

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