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layonsky, pada 30 Okt. 2012, 12.49
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Start: 15 Des. 2012, 2.00

Great snorkelling spot in a small island.
If you like snorkelling, for only about 25-50 meters from the beach, you can find also shallow reefs with living corals and sea animals/fishes. The reef platform is not as big as Bunaken island, but I think it's even better because as not many tourists visit here therefore the condition of the corals are still great.
It's not as big as Bunaken island, it's one small island in Bunaken marine park, with probably not more than 1 km long. Here you can relax and enjoy the beach peacefully because only few local people living here and not many tourists around. But still it offers great white sandy beach and shallow reefs for snorkelling.
Itu comment beberapa orang tentang Pulau Siladen (seblah Bunaken)
buat temen2 BPI Manado dsk, yg mo join silahkan contact yah: 0822 7104 1666
registrasi sbelum tanggal 14 desember 2012.
per/orang Rp: 100.000 (Muster Point Manado Only) sudah termasuk Makan siang.-
salam olahraga! Leon

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