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(idea trip indonesia) Yuksss Cusss Gunung Galunggung dan Explore Kampung Naga :)

ayaa, pada 12 Nov. 2014, 9.53
di Cari teman jalan

Start: 1 Jan. 2015, 17.00

Halfway between Garut and Tasikmalaya is Kampung Naga. A traditional village and a museum piece of Sundanese architecture and village life. It is home to 110 families, who preserve the old ways of life despite the crowds of tourist that pass through here during the peak seasons. Kampung Naga with its thatched – roof houses, is a photographer’s dream. Nestled next to a river and surrounded by precipitous hillsides – there are 360 steps up to the car park on the main highway.
Galunggung Mount is located in Tasikmalaya and it is volcano mount with high 2.167 above the sea level and located about 17 km from center of Tasikmalaya City. You can see beautiful nature landscape with green crater and view from hundreds distance from above sea leve. Before arrive in the peak of mount. You will be challenged to hike more than 300 hundreds anaktangga.
• 20.00 - 21.00 Registartion& Meeting Point Place in PlasaSemanggi
• 21.00 - 03.15 Over land Jakarta – Tasikmalaya
Day 2
• 03.15 – 03.30 Reach Galunggung Mount
• 04.00 - 08.00 Explore Galunggung Mount and Sun Rise Time
• 08.00 – 09.00 Take a bath and Jacuzzi time at hotspring water
• 09.00 - 10.30 Raja Polah
• 10.30 – 13.00 Journey To Kampung Naga
• 13.00 – 15.00 Explore Kampung Naga
• 15.00 – 21.00 Tasikmalaya - Jakarta
TRIP PACKAGE : IDR 330.000/pax

1. AC transportation car Jakarta-Tasikmalaya round trip
2. Snack and mineral water
3. Meals 3x
4. Homestay in Galunggung Mount
5. Entrance ticket to Galunggung Mount and Kampung Naga
6. Driver Tip
7. Fuel, Toll, Parking
8. Local guide tip
9. IDEA Trip Indonesia Guide
10. Documentation during the trip (download only)
1. Insurance
2. Personal expense
3. Transportation from home to meeting point place
2) FIRST DP (DOWN PAYMENT) FIRST SEAT. The quickest DP, the main list of participant (If before the end of DP time the quota reaches to maximum, automatically registration is closed).
3) Down Payment is half of trip package (50%). IDR 310.000/pax
4) Please send your down payment in 2 weeks before event to :
• BANK BNI Account Name SHINTA ISMAYA 0254180764.Or
• BAN BCA Account Name SHINTA ISMAYA 2101352767
5) If you are booking for group please calculate the down payment with sum of people in your group.
6) The rest of the trip cost of repayment IDR 310.000/pax no later than one week before event.
7) Trip will not be held if you are not paying full payment.
8) Evidence of transfer should be submitted via:
Email : ideatrip [dot] id [at] gmail [dot] com
WhatsApp : 087770568877
BBM 292F0F2F
9) Please complete your data after pay down payment and email it to ideatrip [dot] id [at] gmail [dot] com. Here you should fill :
• Full Name
• Gender
• Age
• Cell Phone/HP
• Emergency Contact
• Address
• Email
• Trip Name and Date of The Trip
• BANK Transfer
• Rent Snorkel or Not (Optional just for beach trip which include snorkeling and snorkeling gears out of trip package. Please let us your foot size for flippers if you are rent)
10) Returns DP after settlement:
• 100% full refunds if participants asked other substitutes.
• CANCEL H-6 (six days before event) returned 50%.
• CANCEL H-3 (three days before event) returned 25%.
• CANCEL H-2, H-1 and Last Minute before event NOT RETURNED.
11) If the minimum quota doesn’t enough :
- The trip still will be going on but with rearrangement budget as totally participant who come in and agreements between participant and IDEA Trip Indonesia.
- Trip will be reschedule until minimum participant enough. (Participant follow next trip schedule based on Open Trip Schedule)
-Trip is canceled and down payment or all redemption fees will be returned 100% in the event of cancellation by IDEA Trip Indonesia.
12) IDEA Trip Indonesia assumes when participant is paying down payment or full payment that agree and understand clearly all details in this agreements and force majure.
Aya 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email : ideatrip [dot] id [at] gmail [dot] com
FB Fan Pages :

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 8 Jan. 2015, 15.52

Yuks masih ada seats ideaholic,

Kita seru-seruan bareng :)

:malu: :victory: :haha:

Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 7 Jan. 2015, 12.33


Aya 087770568877 (Whatsapp, Call, SMS)
BBM 292F0F2F
Twitter : @IDEAtrip_ID
Email :
FB Fan Pages :
Website :

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ayaa Super Hero
pd. 6 Jan. 2015, 14.11

Hallo ideaholic,

Yuks trip bareng kita, masih ada seats...

Harga kami memang bukan yang paling murah, tapi paket komplit berkualitas..

Gak percaya, coba aja yuks :)

Jangan terjebak harga, tapi hitung ekonomis dan fasilitasnya.

Ada harga, ada rupa :nyimak:

:dugem: :bye:

Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 5 Jan. 2015, 14.06

[quote=Ucin Ucin]katanya buat trip ini pada cancel mba???? :o[/quote]

iya gan,

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Ucin Ucin
Ucin Ucin
Ucin Ucin Newbie
pd. 30 Des. 2014, 15.18

katanya buat trip ini pada cancel mba???? :o

Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 30 Des. 2014, 11.49

Hay masih ada seats yukss...

Ayok buruan booking :)

:keren: :dugem: :haha:

Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 29 Des. 2014, 15.17

mau cek porto folio kita bisa banget yuks buka :)

:gaya: :aselole: :malu:

Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 29 Des. 2014, 13.54

Hellow Monday, yuks pilih destinasi kece-kece

Bisa cek di


Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 24 Des. 2014, 9.05

Hello long weekend is coming..

Bingung mau kemana yuks pantengin trip kita di

Banyak trip seru loh :)

:malu: :victory:

ayoo booking sebelum kehabisan :)

Suka 0
ayaa Super Hero
pd. 22 Des. 2014, 10.11

Hellow Monday...

Sebelum long weekend datang..

Yuk reservasi tripnya..

Masih ada seat loh :)

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