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Seoul - Busan - Jeonju ( 15 - 18 Maret 2019 )

Dianpspr, pada 5 Maret 2019, 10.54
di Cari teman jalan

Start: 14 Maret 2019, 23.45

Hi everyone, l already buy ticket from CGK-ICN, and have plan to Seoul - Busan - Jeonju *already buy KTX too, but my friend cancelled to go with me in that day, for family reasons in Seoul, I'm planning on keep going, so if everyone of you has already buy ticket to Korea/plan to go in that date (you could imidiately buy flight ticket and join meeh xoxo) and still don't know where to go I have a great itinerary to share and we could go together, once I have been join backpacker with my friend in Udayana and meet ini Seoul in 2014 and it was great, hope to get some fellas come join me^^

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